What our Customers say...


The crew that came was very professional. They showed me and explained everything they were doing. Answered all my questions and would recommend to anyone. The three guys that came were David, Gustavo and Lee. Thank you for your hard work!

Great team and we're precisely on time. Very thorough and very good at letting me know everything that was going on. Absolutely would recommend them to anyone.

Prompt professional service. Anytime I had a question....it was answered. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of the team and every one was polite and professional.

The SERVPRO team of Cherokee is FANTASTIC!!! The team is quick to respond and assist you on your journey to house recovery. The team members onsite are courteous and professional. They take the time to understand the magnitude of the situation and walk you through what is about to happen. I would recommend this team to anyone.

SERVPRO did an amazing job. They were so helpful and knowledgeable. 

Thank you for such a prompt response!

SERVPRO exceeded my expectations in every way!

Everyone treated me with such dignity and respect. You just don't see that often enough. Thank you for caring enough to do so.

Everyone hopes to never need this sort of service, but if you ever do, SERVPRO is the best there is!

I was so impressed with the way everyone genuinely seemed to care. Thank you!

The office staff is very professional and polite!

You can't tell there was ever a problem. Your technicians are excellent!

Thank you for being so prompt and courteous!

Zach, Peter, and Raymond were very professional and courteous. They took time to answer each and every question I had, and helped ease my concerns throughout the process. Could not have asked for a better group of guys.

Excellent response and extremely professional.  Zack and Jamie were awesome and they were super nice to my dog.

Worst phone call of my life was when my wife called to say our house was hit by a tree. Drove up the next day and SERVPRO was already well into repairs. House looks great now. Would use if I ever need help.

Best call I ever made. The hotel is restored and guests are enjoying our hospitality again. Never would have thought it possible from looking at the pictures after the fire, but your team comes highly recommended and I now see why.

Air conditioner failed becaused significant mold growth. SERVPRO came quick and took care of the problem and had great advice on how to improve our AC performance.

So impressed with how quickly you responded when my son and daughter-in-law had a hot water heater leak in their new guest room. We took the grandkids to the zoo and by the time we returned everything was back to normal.

No more smokey smell in my rental unit! Thanks so very much. I need to rent the place again and it would have been hard with that grease fire smell.

We had a fire in our kitchen start while making fries. Your crew cleaned up everything and worked hard to get rid of the smell of burning fries. It was everywhere in our house, but gone now. Thanks so much.

If I ever own my own place I will call you for any storm damage. So impressed with how smooth it went when you worked with my landlord to fix the problems.

Hate mold but love your mold experts. They were so helpful and I feel back in control again. I hope we never need mold removal again, but we will definitely call you if we do. Anyone I know who has a mold issue will get your number!

Fire damage handled like the professionals you are -- hope we never have a fire again, but we now know who to call if it happens. Going to set up an Emergency Ready Plan with you soon.

The soot was bad, but the smell was the worst. You didn’t give up until all the smoky odor was gone. Thanks. We can get on with our life now.

I just cannot express how professional and flexible your restoration crew was after the storm damaged my apartment complex. My tenants also are grateful that they could remain in their homes while the work continues.

I was on a business trip and my wife called to say the new tankless water heater had flooded our remodeled bathroom. Expected the worst, but when I walked through the door SERVPRO had everything water-free and dried out. Impressed and recommended.

A tree smashed open the roof over my apartment during a windstorm. Fortunately my landlord took care of it, but I wanted to thank SERVPRO because I had my home secured within hours after my landlord called you!

We were shocked that mold could grow just because of high humidity! SERVPRO was very professional as they removed the mold in our guest bathroom. We will keep that area ventilated better in the future.

Every cent of my savings is invested in my restaurant. I thought I lost everything when the pipe froze and burst during the cold snap. You showed me what a quality restoration company can do and I will recommend you to friends and colleagues. Thanks for saving my business.

So many people in my neighborhood had storm damage. I called SERVPRO and they were on the scene before any other rescue companies. I would definitely use again.

Had no idea mold would grow in a closet if we kept it closed during AC season. You saved my wardrobe and taught me something new! Thanks.

It’s hard to put the fire damage behind when the smokey smell hangs around. A couple of different tries and SERVPRO eliminated the smell. Like how you came back when we called and tried one more time -- it was the charm.

I will always recommend SERVPRO for water damage. Came on a weekend and got the water out of my remodeled bathroom before it leaked too bad into the lower level.

Such fast service when my new water heater malfunctioned. Whole master suite was underwater but the SERVPRO crew had the water out fast.