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How do I fix wood floors after flooding?

1. If you have a large commercial building and your wood floors get water damage, it is critical to contact SERVPRO of Cherokee County immediately. They can be ... READ MORE

How do I dry a large facility?

1. Contact SERVPRO of Cherokee County to get on site immediately. They will have a manager walk the property and make sure everything is put in place. 2. Typica... READ MORE

How do I dry wood floors after a water loss?

1. It is critical to get all of the water sucked out of the building. Once the water is removed, the wood floors can be taken out if they are buckled and poppin... READ MORE

What is the fastest way to dry a commercial building?

1. Contact your local rep at SERVPRO of Cherokee County. Once on site they can determine what is needed to get the building restored. 2. In most cases the build... READ MORE

How do I clean up a facility with massive flooding?

1. Make sure you are not walking around the facility until the professionals at SERVPRO can walk the building. 2. Once the building is safe, SERVPRO will send i... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Woodstock

Commercial water damage resulted from the main water line bursting at this Woodstock warehouse. SERVPRO of Cherokee County was summoned to clean up the water. W... READ MORE