Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

We have the resources

We have the resources to handle large commercial projects and major storm events. When this local Woodstock hotel experienced flooding and water damage from a l... READ MORE

How to clean up a commercial water loss

1. If you have a commercial water loss it is critical to get someone from SERVPRO on site immediately to help assess what needs to be done. 2. Once on site they... READ MORE

How do I dry a large space after a water loss?

1. Drying a large space can be tricky and difficult, therefore it is important to hire the right company in those situations. SERVPRO is an great choice to have... READ MORE

How to clean up a retail store after a water loss

1. Contact SERVPRO immediately to get crews on site to start extracting water. They can bring truck mount and portable extractors to get the water out quick. 2.... READ MORE

How do I cleanup a water issue?

1. First step is to make sure all standing water is extracted. In most cases you might need the professional help of SERVPRO. They have teams available around t... READ MORE

Water Damage – Woodstock Office Space

Water damage to this Woodstock office space was due to the sprinkler system inadvertently activating overnight. The space was unoccupied, but the owner had some... READ MORE

Woodstock Water Problem

The cupping of this hardwood flooring in Woodstock was the result of a leaking water line in the wall that seeped between the sheathing and the top planks. Our ... READ MORE